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Summarized Competitive Benefits of

Benefits to Soils & Crops

  • • Acts as universal growth catalyst and soil reclamation.
  • • It helps in Restoration of beneficial soil microflora.
  • • It helps in increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil.
  • • It helps Restore soil acidity.
  • • Restoration of depleted soils .
  • • Neutralization of technogenic pollution products (heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides, etc.
  • • Neutralization of the toxic effect of soil salinization.
  • • Helps in increasing Water infiltration & decreases soil erosion..
  • • Reduces soil Compaction there by roots get nutrients and water, which results in increasing yields.
  • • "AgricA"™. has a beneficial effect on the structure of the soil, increasing gas permeability and moisture retention rates, reducing soil erosion.
  • • Restore Natural fertility of the soil
  • • Promotes easy assimilation of water-soluble potassium and nitrogen fertilizers.
  • • Increases protein and gluten contents of the grains, ensuring an environmental friendly and we get product for safe consumption
  • • It helps in Accelerating the growth, development and ripening of grain crops by 8-12 days, increasing the yield by 25%.
  • • Application "AgricA"™. shortens the duration reclamation cycles approximately 2 times & Increases the water-holding capacity of the soil.
  • • Neutralizes the toxic effect of soil salinization
  • • Dramatically reduces the concentration of nitrates in plants, converting nitrates into assimilated nitrogen;
  • • Reduces the harmful effect of excessive doses of pesticides,
  • • Eliminates the harmful effect on plants that Causes soil fatigue, and also increases faster rate of crop rotation
  • • Inexpensive, very cost-effective
  • • Easy to use
  • • Flexibility of use - Can be applied to seed, an be mixed in water or mixed with other liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
  • • Safe and nontoxic
  • • Can run through irrigation lines without clogging
  • • Greater root and leaf growth
  • • More and bigger blossoms
  • • Safe and non-toxic
  • • Improved soil conditions
  • • Can be applied through irrigation systems
  • • Can be mixed with pesticides
  • • use in Agriculture & Horticulture crops - significant reduction in investment (approx. by 30 %)
  • • Doesn’t required skill labour or any equipments for using

AgricA benefits to Agricultural crops and Trees

  • 1. with use of ‘AgricA’ no additional other mineral fertilizer is required
  • 2. beneficial for agricultural and horticultural crops
  • 3. growth stimulantor
  • 4. Greater root and leaf growth
  • 5. Bigger and abundant blossoms
  • 6. Yeild toxicfree and chemical free crops
  • 7. intensifies metabolic processes in the cell
  • 8. increases vitality contents of the crops
  • 9. Accelerate growth and maturity of all types of crops and treesIt increases Trunk caliper of the tree faster as photosynthesis and leaf area are accelerated.

AgricA Benefits for Turfgrass

AgricA will markedly increase the growth and health of roots of all grasses: bermuda grass, St. Augustine, ryegrass, fescue, zoysia and others. Roots will penetrate deeper, and leaves will be greener, more vigorous, and dense. Only 100 ml. per acre every month or two does the job. A little goes a long way!

AgricA Benefits for Bedding Plants

AgricA will improve the root, leaf, and flower growth of all types of bedding plants. Treated seeds will emerge faster, and seedling growth will be more vigorous. Improved chlorophyll development will give faster nutrition, deeper green colors, and more lustrous and attractive leaves and flowers for both annuals and perennials.