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Competitive Advantages of

Application of "AgricA"™ significantly reduce their financial costs for the purchase of mineral fertilizers is reduced by 30%. It does not require additional operations, and therefore NO additional costs for fuel, the purchase of new equipment, etc.

The application is included in the cycles of seed dressing, application to the soil with mineral fertilizers, foliar irrigation when treating with herbicides and pesticides on the existing equipment.

The use is simple and convenient need to diluted in Applicator in proportions corresponding to a specific method of use and type of plant as per company Instruction Manuel. Use of organic fertilizers for grain and cereal crops, for industrial and forage crops, for leguminous crops, for vegetables, for fruit and berry crops, for garden flowers, for indoor plants, for lawn grasses Recommended application regulations.

The Effects of using "AgricA"

Stimulating plant growth and immunity: increasing seed germination and strengthening plant immunity; increasing the efficiency of assimilation of nutrients and activating plant growth processes; increase in the surface and volume of the root System of plants; increase in the biological value of agricultural products.

The Affects of using "AgricA"

  • Increasing fertility and soil reclamation
  • Recovery humus layer
  • Restoration of beneficial soil micro flora
  • Increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil
  • Increasing the digestibility of soil nutrients
  • Restoration of soil acidity
  • Restoration of depleted soils
  • Neutralization of technogenic pollution products (heavy metals, Pesticides, radionuclides, etc.)
  • Neutralization of the toxic effect of soil salinization.

Overall Advantages of "AgricA"

  • 1. Inexpensive, very cost-effective
  • 2. Easy to use
  • 3. Safe and nontoxic
  • 4. Can be seed-applied
  • 5. Can be tank-mixed with any liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
  • 6. Can run through irrigation lines without clogging
  • 7. The need for mineral fertilizers is reduced by 30 %.
  • 8. Safe and non-toxic
  • 9. Improved soil conditions
  • 10. Accelerate Growth and vitality of the soil, grass, plants, trees, crops and floral
  • 11. Can be applied through irrigation systems,–drip, sprinkler, or spray
  • 12. Can be mixed with pesticides