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Product properties of the

  • • The AgricA is 100% Organic
  • • It is procured from Nature,
  • • It is formed from natural Organic matter of Earth
  • • It is Gift of Nature in real terms.
  • • It is a slow release nutrients technology
  • • 100% Organic, with proven technology
  • • 100% natural fertilizer stimulates growth and fungicidal activity.
  • • Proven & Tested - Laboratory tested for authenticity.
  • • Electro hydro-impulse processing of natural Soil.
  • • The process, involves activation of Humic acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.
  • • Traces of elements are converted into an active water-soluble form,
  • • Microbial process of nitrification with soil organic matter
  • • Use of Manure can be completely stopped.
  • • GreenNature stimulates healthy growth,increases metabolism process, while increasing the nutrient values naturally without any bad impact.
  • • Increases immunity of the crop and maintains the balance of nutrients in soil.
  • • The need for mineral fertilizers is reduced by 30 %.

Promote healthy growth of soil bacteria

Promotes the growth of micro flora spore bacteria, mold fungi, cellulose bacteria, and Actinomycetes (which destroy wood residues cellulose, hemicellulose, proteins and lignin, as a Result of decomposition of organic and wood residues (cellulose, hemicellulose, proteins, Lignin) proceeds more intensively, thereby accelerating the processes of natural Accumulation of humus and compost of the in soil.

“AgricA', contributes to the significant activation of those groups of microorganisms that are involved in the mineralization of organic matter. As a result, the soil is enriched with available nutrients. When organic matter decomposes, many organic acids and carbon dioxide are formed. Under their influence, hard-to-reach mineral compounds of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium transforms into forms accessible to plants. And completely eliminates the harmful effect on plants that results into soil fatigue.

Promote water holding capacity of the soil

"AgricA' Application, shortens the duration of reclamation cycles approximately by 2 times & Increases the water-holding capacity of the soil. Further soil degradation is prevented, a gradual accumulation and restoration of humus in the soil is ensured, and the fertility of the depleted lands is restored. It has a beneficial effect on the structure of the soil, increasing gas permeability and moisture retention rates, reducing soil erosion. Neutralizes the toxic effect of soil salinization. .

Promotes Nutralization of the Toxic effects of Pesticidal Poison

It dramatically reduces the concentration of nitrates present in the plants and soil due to use of pesticide by converting it into the form of free, easily assimilated nitrogen; thus reduces the harmful effect of excessive doses of pesticides and helps in obtaining stable yields,

Promotes Radioprotectorn convertor

"AgricA"™.works as a Radioprotector, it helps in converting heavy and radioactive metal ions into a safe organometallic form. It neutralizes products of technogenic pollution (heavy metals, pesticides radionuclides, etc. by binding radionuclides, toxic substance and heavy metals present in the soil into insoluble compounds thus prohibiting soil and plants from assimilating it. Assimilated by plants. This helps in the healthy recovery of the soil, plants and the environment, specially situated by the chemically and radiation contaminated areas.

"AgricA"™ proves to be highly beneficial even for the agriculture that are cultivated by the "contaminated- polluted " areas such as around test sites, chemical and metallurgical industries, landfills, roadside summer cottages, along highways, etc., guaranteeing healthy soil restoration and quality yields.

Promotes supply of Essential Nutrients

Undoubtedly, farmers know the key to yield bountiful crops and ways to provide essential nutrients to soil and plants as well. They have their own choices of the stimulants.

We ‘AgricA’ without disturbing their preferences, recommend use our natural fertilizer along with stimulator which helps in stimulating better healthier growth of the crops and natural fungicidal activity of the soil. AgricA’s electrohydro-impulse process, which is naturally obtained from ‘peat’; converts humic acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace of elements into an active water-soluble form. Thereafter it carries it to the plants through the microbial process of nitrification with soil organic matter.

Therefore no need of chemical base manure, no rotting plant residues or additional phosphorus, nitrate, nitrosomonas bacteria,orthophosphates sulfur that are mixed or sprayed on a timely manner

by"AgricA"™ Nutrients are released to soil and then to plants in a slow process, ensuring 0% losses of Nutrients from the soil to the crops and yielding 100% cruel free and healthy organic crops. For we believe ‘best comes to them who waits!’

Our product engineered to reduce nutrient losses to the crops.