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"AgricA"™ fertilizer management system, is technology driven unique fertilizer; compatible for Quality and Quantity yielding in Agricultural sector. This unique product not only is beneficial for the Crop but helps renews the soil properties. The result of both Soil and Crop using the AgricA has proven to be beneficial to all.

The primary difference between the "AgricA"™. and the existing humic products is the absence of alkali treatment during the technological process. The biologically active environment of the "AgricA"™. is formed without the participation of chemical reagents, exclusively by physical methods of soil processing. This determines the consistency of action, biological effectiveness, the absence of side effects and other negative environmental consequences of the use of "AgricA"™ which accelerates natural principals to deliver the nutrition to the plants that are needed for the growth.

All plants need certain mineral nutrients to survive. These minerals occur naturally in the soil and are taken up from the soil by the roots of the plants. Most soils usually have enough of these minerals to keep plants healthy. However, some nutrients are gradually used up by the plants, or are washed out of the soil, and need to be replaced to maintain optimal growth and appearance. The most common mineral nutrients that need replacing are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

OUR ‘AgricA’ IS 100% ORGANIC FERTILIZER, unlike other fertilizer IT IS NOT laboratory made, IT IS NATURE GIFTED. It’s natural ORGANIC MATTER content IS 88.33%, this results to 100% SAFE AND CONTROL CARBON AND PH level of the agricultural SOIL, this leads to THE best qualitative cultivation of the 100% Organic CROPs, and at the same time it surges the Quantitative agricultural PRODUCTION by 20 TO 25%.