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The Science of "AgricA"

Cultivate Strong, Healthy Crops by Unique Natural Way

AgricA is natural product that has no analogues, obtained with the help of a unique technology. the technology is based on the production of highly concentrated colloidal biologically active solutions from soilpeat matter and water. the fundamental difference between the "AgricA" and the existing humic products is the absence of alkali treatment in the technological process. the biologically active environment of the "AgricA" is formed without the participation of chemical reagents, exclusively by physical methods of soil processing. this determines the consistency of action, biological effectiveness, the absence of side effects and other negative environmental consequences of the use of "AgricA"...

AgricA can be recommended for use in the production of environmentally friendly crop products according to international eco-standards"AgricA" is a natural fertilizer with stimulating growth effect and fungicidal activity, is a product of processing of natural soil. in this process, humic acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements are converted into an active water-soluble form.

Promotes increased intake of nutrients, is easily absorbed by the plant, strengthens its immune system, stimulates the development of a powerful root system, intensifies metabolic processes in the plant cell, reducing the content of nitrates by 2 times, but increasing the content of chlorophyll, vitamins, sugars and other valuable substances (for example, in wheat - gluten). plant assimilation of easily water-soluble potassium and nitrogen fertilizers under the influence of peat gel "AgricA"™. increases several times.

Its use even in low concentrations activates metabolic processes, enhances cellular respiration, synthetic processes and the supply of minerals from the soil, increases the resistance of plants to stress factors during the growing season, in dry, wet and cold years; with a lack and excess of mineral fertilizers.

Increases seed germination, enhances root formation, bushiness, number and weight of grains in an ear, seedling resistance to lodging, germination energy and seed germination

Accelerates the growth, development and ripening of grain crops by 8-12 days, helps to increase the yield of grain crops by 4-6 c/ha, a significant increase in the content of protein and gluten in grain, ensures the environmental safety of grain crops as food products.